Referral Discounts

Because of the end of the “Mixed By Dan” discount (due to the end of mixes by Dan), we’ve decided to try something new.

Are you a Submersible client? Did you like our work? Refer a friend to us and they’ll get 10% off of their job…and so will you, the next time you work with us.

It’s simple, basically. Tell your friends, and if they use us too, everyone involved gets a discount.


And if you’re not a referred customer, mention you saw this promotion and I’ll still knock, oh, let’s say $10 off the whole thing, (provided it’s more than a $20 job).

By Eric Oehler

Senior Engineer

Founder and owner of Submersible Studios, Eric enjoys talking about microphones and buying audio software he doesn't especially need. He also spends an awful lot of time with a RTA and a reference mic trying to get the acoustics of the studio juuuust right.

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