Clients and Testimonials

Some Happy Customers

Submersible Studios is the best. Not only do I use them for all of my mastering needs, I’m also constantly recommending them to people. Whether you need a super-loud dance floor banger or a subtly mastered acoustic rock record with super high fidelity and full dynamic range, Eric has the gear and the know-how to make it happen.

Dan Clark (Listless Works Studios, The Dark Clan, Magma Dragon)

I’ve used Submersible for a vast majority of Caustic’s releases over the years and Eric has always been relentlessly tolerant of my chaotic tunes, enduring stupid requests, stupider questions, and slight hearing damage all in the effort to make my music sound as good (or as good-bad) as possible. I‘m lucky to have found him. And he’s great in bed.

Matt Fanale (Caustic, daddybear, Klack)

Not only is Eric a diligent engineer,  he is also a engineer who listens to customers’ needs. And that’s what every mastering engineer should do. Listen..and of course deliver. He did both!”

Arttu Hinkkanen (Anon248)

Pretty sure [Eric] is a g-damned wizard. Listening to early masters of new Little Red Wolf record. SO GOOD. #magic

Emily Mills (Damsel Trash, Little Red Wolf)

With my release, Great Stone Stories, Eric and I have worked more extensively to bring it all the way to life. I was really happy with the mixes that I got. I thought of them as 3-dimensional. Listening to the mixes I felt like I was in a concert hall, hearing what I wanted to hear. If the mixes were like being at the show, the masters are like being in the band. It’s the same performance, but you feel the music all around you. I feel as if I heard mixes and felt masters. Eric was also very patient with me as I was very picky with the overall flow to my album. It’s a concept album, I warned Eric about my pickiness upfront, and he was completely understanding.

Thor Bremer (Nine Worlds Ensemble, Bowtime, Fretless Music)

I was referred to Eric and Submersible by my engineer and co-producer. This was my first solo recording and first experience calling the shots on the final outcome of the project. The first thing I noticed is Eric’s professionalism and personal investment in making sure the music sounds its best. Handing him a straight rock CD, Eric knew just the sound I was looking for, and worked until it had that perfect mix of punch and power, while keeping the softer songs warm and rich. I admitted I was a rookie at working with a mastering company, and he was always willing to answer a question and let me know what was going on at each stage. The whole process only took a few weeks and when the master CDs arrived at my door I popped them in and was incredibly satisfied with the result. I’m glad I got to experience this stage of the recording process with Eric and would recommend him to anyone looking for a great person to work with to give the music that polished, professional sound. Rock on Submersible!

Gary Banach