What We Do

Mastering and mixing are part art, part science. For mastering, you give us your finished mixdowns, and we do…things…to them. These things may include:

Compression/Expansion (multiband or single-band) – if the track needs it, a little extra compression can be added to reduce or increase dynamic range, either overall or on specific frequency bands, to make the kick drums punch without overwhelming the rest of the track, or to bring out the vocals, etc.

Stereo Processing – Got Phase? We can widen the stereo field to increase the spread of the song, or narrow it for a more “intimate” feel. Or we can correct the phase if something on the side bands interferes with something in the middle. Fancy processing can allow us to bring up elements that have gotten thinned out in the stereo recording process, putting them front-and center while leaving the width of the overall song alone.

EQ – surgically applied to reign in rogue frequencies and make all the tracks on your album hold together.

Harmonic Coloration – digital recording can be a little cold sometimes, especially if you’re recording through standard prosumer hardware. We use various bits of hardware and software to apply that classic sound in varying degrees. Whether it’s something as radical as tube-driven warmth or subtle as the shine of a FET, we’ll add it as the track requires.

Limiting/Maximization – the final step, to boost the overall loudness of the song and give it presence, hopefully without squashing it into oblivion.

We use hardware and software from manufactures like ADAM GmbH, Metric Halo, dbx, McDSP, Airwindows, Apple, Voxengo, Professional Sound Projects, Roger Nichols Digital, and others.

We use K-System K-14 metering unless otherwise specified.