Prices and Payment

Basic Pricing

  • Mastering: $20/track.
  • Vinyl or Cassette Mastering: $30/track.
  • Stem Mastering: $30/track
  • Mix Consulting: $15/track
  • Mixing/Engineering: $50/hr (time rounded to nearest 15 minutes)

For engineering jobs, please schedule at least 10 business days in advance, so we can be sure we can accommodate you.

How We Do The “Payment” Part

  • We send you an itemized paypal invoice.
  • You pay said invoice within 10 more business days. If you can’t/refuse to use paypal, alternate payment methods can be determined. Paypal is preferred, though, for various recordkeeping reasons.
  • Everyone’s happy!

Additional Fees:

Okay, yeah, sometimes things come up and I just have to charge more. I don’t like doing this, but, well, I’ve got a business to run. It’s rare, but here they are.

  • Additional CDs: $5 + SH, limit 10 CDs.
  • Format Conversion: If we agreed beforehand that you’d deliver 24-bit, 44.1khz files, and half of them show up as 16-bit, 48Khz, or you deliver 3 on CD-R and the rest via email or whatnot, a fee of $2/track converted will be tendered for time spent converting and standardizing formats.
  • Organizational Surcharge: You want me spending my time mastering your tracks, not figuring out which unlabelled CD has tracks 2-7 on it, or trolling 8 Rapidshare dropboxes for all the various remixes for your disc. It’s best if you get everything set up and labelled and itemized the way you want it before you give it to me, since things will go faster and be less error-prone. If I’m stuck sorting through CDs or spending time figuring out which track is “MyTechnoTest_1.wav”, I’m not mastering, and you want me mastering. I charge $10/hr, in one hour blocks.
  • Rush Charges: If you need this NOW NOW NOW NOW I can probably do it, but for every day less than the 10 business days I generally plan, there will be a $10 surcharge. I am, however, flexible, so if you talk to me first and the timeline still looks reasonable, I may waive this. Rush jobs negate any other discounts.