Mastering Services

Submersible Studios works primarily in the realm of mastering. Mastering is, simply put, preparing and finalizing recordings for distribution. Sometimes that’s for CD, sometimes it’s for vinyl, sometimes it’s digital-only, but whatever the target, mastering is the bit that gets the levels set, the final EQ tweaked, and adds the final polish to the recording.

Contrary to a lot of reports, the primary goal of mastering isn’t to “make stuff loud.” While adjusting loudness is a component of the process, the main accomplishment is “translatability” – making it sound acceptable on a wide variety of systems. Music consumers listen on a lot of different platforms, everything from earbuds and tiny car speakers to giant club mains, and none of those behave exactly the same way. The trick is making things work everywhere.

Submersible uses a combination of hardware and cutting-edge software developed specifically for the task of mastering, in a space tuned to be as acoustically flat as possible.

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